New Cadmatic Plate Nesting (NESTIX-Cutting) officially released

Nestix Cutting01We herewith have the pleasure to inform you that the new Nupas-Cadmatic Plate Nesting software (NESTIX-Cutting) has been officially released. Over the course of the long-term development the project the new software was completely rebuilt and the new version is based on the latest software technology.

Faster and easier to use

  • Better data management
  • Improved design integration
  • Material saving by better utilization
  • Using less time in NC programming
  • Time savings in cutting

Data management in the NESTIX-Cutting software has been taken to a totally new level:

  • Manage it all: parts, orders, material (articles, stock and remnants), groups, nestings, etc.
  • Flexible separate database window for concurrent use of nesting and database control
  • Large amount of new sorting, search and grouping tools make all the required data for fast NC programming quickly available
  • New configurable database user interface with lists, change windows and graphic representation to support the user’s individual needs

Integration with CAD design brought to a new level:

Nestix Cutting02Version control for all kinds of construction changes in parts (geometry, material, amount, etc.). The user is able to see the nestings that need to be changed and modify the nestings with new versions of parts

  • Option: New .XML based two-way interfaces for part, assembly and nesting information between CAD and NESTIX
  • System automatically offers available materials for nesting: articles, stock material and remnants
  • Tighter nestings thanks to more accurate collision detection
  • Multiple automatic nesting strategies have been developed with parameters available to fine tune the strategy
  • Improved multi-torch nesting with better multi-torch collision control
  • Improved bevel function and visualization. All faces of the bevel can be controlled separately
  • Nesting of an unlimited amount of plates and remnants on the same working area with new features in automatic, semiautomatic or interactive nesting
  • AutoCAD like part drawing functions with dynamic input fields and efficient utilization of existing geometry elements makes geometry definition significantly faster than before. Editing of geometry elements is available

Improved cutter path generation for nestings:

  • Modification for the cutter path can be made on the fly. Entities may be moved or modified just by clicking the entity and modifying it
  • New geometry element minimization algorithms improve cutting performance
  • New macro language based postprocessor tool makes it possible to support virtually any kind of NC code and to support any kind of cutting function
  • Accurate cutting time is calculated using the created NC code. This makes loading of the cutting machine accurate
  • Interactive, semiautomatic and automatic cutter path generation are totally designed to create cutter paths faster than ever before and changes can be made easily
  • Interactive and fast semi-automatic ridge and bridge placement

The totally new software was created with the latest technology tools (.NET and C#). This has led to a platform that allows software development to be conducted much faster than before.

Cutting machines are becoming increasingly complex; supporting them now and in the future requires a flexible platform, which we now have in the new NESTIX-Cutting software.

With intelligent algorithms NESTIX-Cutting saves material. Over 50% of all plate cutting costs are related to materials. It is crucial to use the maximum effort to utilize plate and remnant material effectively. The efficient combination of interactive, semi/fully automatic nesting processes increases the material utilization with powerful data management of all cutting information (part geometries, orders, materials, nestings). This allows material utilization to be improved by 2-5%.

Fast cutting is important, but it is equally important to safeguard the quality of cutting. Fast cutter paths are created with powerful automatic and interactive cutter path generation tools, which support the actual cutting technology. The cutter paths are converted into machine-dependent NC code with customized postprocessors, which take the advanced technical and quality features of modern cutting machines into consideration.

The new NESTIX-Cutting is integrated with CAD/PLM systems, ERP systems and plate cutting machines to speed up the plate cutting process and to prevent mistakes in data input. The new dynamic user interface of the software and many automation features enable faster NC programming.