Nupas-Cadmatic Outfitting software

The Cadmatic outfitting design system is a complete solution for layout, piping, HVAC and outfitting design, including all shipbuilding disciplines.

Outfitting Ship Design Software
The Cadmatic Outfitting modules are dedicated to all tasks related to:

  • Diagram and P&ID’s (Piping & Instrumentation Diagram, Schematic diagrams)
  • 3D layout of equipment
  • 3D Outfitting
  • Cable trays and air ducts routing
  • Electrical design
  • Outfitting of steel constructions

Also included is the extraction of all the required production documentation e.g. layout drawings, spools and isometrics sketches, lists of materials etc.

Complete and accurate outfitting 3D modelling
Our efficient and easy-to-use tools within 3D Outfitting Design will help your design team to create complete and accurate 3D outfitting models. The distributed design solution enables the participation of the best specialists around the globe in your projects and seamless project sharing to entire engineering networks.

The web-based Cadmatic eBrowser project management and review tool facilitates project reviews by allowing owners and managers to communicate efficiently via virtual tours.

Interoperability & Interfaces
Cadmatic Outfitting is designed to be as open as possible, to allow cooperation with different technology suppliers. We have developed an open database and implemented numerous interoperability functions.

3D Outfitting design and add-on modules
The core system for outfitting design is 3D Outfitting Design, additionally there is number of specialised add-on modules: Electrical Design and Air Duct Spools – HVAC, Piping supports and different interfaces for special software, such us CAE Pipie, Ceasar II, Napa, Leica etc.

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