Production Information

Cadmatic’s accurate production information reduces costs and shortens production times while minimizing waste material and scrap metal. In addition to drawing and part lists the software outputs detailed and ready-to-use digital production information for numerically-controlled workshop devices such as cutting, bending and welding machines.

High quality engineering information

Information can be defined and extracted from the 3D model at the latest possible stage to ensure that all the required modifications are included. The high quality engineering information enables a higher degree of prefabrication and pre-outfitting of blocks, thereby reducing building times.

Curved shell plates are mathematically calculated and take elongation into account for an exact plate fit. The geometry of the bending templates is generated automatically and can be nested in Cadmatic and then cut with a milling machine. Pin jigs or drawings are calculated from the same 3D model.

Functionalities for Production Information

  • In Hull PI (Hull Production Information) all the structural information needed for the build from profile lists, sketches and shell bending up to and including assembly lists, is generated directly from the model.
  • In Plate Nesting all the information required to make plate lay-outs and the information to cut plates, is extracted from the model.
  • In Outfitting (Outfitting Production Information) all the required drawings and sketches can be produced e.g. piping layout drawings, outfitting installation sketches, equipment layouts in different areas and piping support sketches. All kinds of material and component listings and different styles of MTOs can also be produced.
  • Piping Isometric and Spool drawings can be produced fully automatically using customisable template formats, including lists of materials, dimensioned and annotated sockets and standard projections of pipes to ensure accurate and easy production.
  • HVAC Spools contain all the required information for workshop preparation and construction of ducts including holes, weldings and additional parts.